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The Biblical Counseling Center

The Biblical Counseling Center is a ministry to the saved/unsaved and churched/unchurched alike. It provides counseling services to those with a wide variety of needs.


The Biblical Counseling Center offers individual, marriage, and family counseling appointments with experienced, trained, ordained ministers. Retreats for individuals, couples, and families, focused on an array of relevant topics meant to strengthen the faith, marriage, home, and church.


The Lord has greatly used the Biblical Center for Counseling as a vital tool over the years, helping hundreds of people “recover themselves out of the snare of the devil” (2 Timothy 2:26) and achieve freedom in their daily lives, to then walk in truth, liberty, and confidence.  Many have come to know Christ for the first time through believing faith.  Others who have been believers for decades have overcome deep strongholds in their lives and found release from the lies of the enemy that have kept them bound.


Do you need help or want to learn more?

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