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What is the City of Hebron

>   By faith, Abram traveled to Hebron after choosing to believe God for what he could not see.  Lot, his nephew, chose to head toward Sodom and its sinful pleasures, while Abram followed God’s promise and came to Hebron, where he built an altar of sacrifice and God changed his name.


>   Joshua defeated the king of Hebron in battle as Israel cleared Canaan of its enemies, and Caleb destroyed three giant sons of Anak there, making Hebron his inheritance. Joshua appointed Hebron a city of refuge where those in trouble could plead their cause and find safety from their accuser.


>   King David dwelt at Hebron over 7 years as he waited for God to fulfill His promise to make Him king over all Israel.


>   Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and their wives were all buried at Hebron, where Abraham had purchased a burial cave for that purpose. He wanted his family for generations to forever be planted in the midst of God’s promised land.


Hebron represents hope.  It represents faith in God and His promises.  It is where giants are conquered.  It is holiness to the Lord, a leaving of the old and an embracing of a new beginning in faith.  At Hebron, there is refuge.  Truth is revealed, sacrifices are made, healing comes in patient waiting on God and the promise of His Word.  At Hebron, Hope has a name, and those who believe in Hope find what they’ve been searching for from the very beginning…


Hebron Ministries

The History of

The Hebron Ministries have their home in Fort Dodge, Iowa, through the work of Harvest Baptist Church. In 1993, Pastor Marvin Smith III moved to Fort Dodge to become the pastor of HBC. Within a short time, he began to develop a counseling ministry of hope, repentance, recovery, and restoration, utilizing Biblical principles of Spiritual authority, identity, and warfare. Over the years, countless individuals, young and old, couples, and entire families have found refuge, relief, and restoration through the compassionate, patient counseling and service of Pastor Smith and his staff.

A number of ministries have sprung from the work of Harvest Baptist Church over the years including Harvest Baptist School, Harvest Baptist Bible College, Point of Restoration, Biblical Counseling Center, an addiction recovery ministry, and more.

Today, Hebron Ministries encompasses a growing number of programs focused on Biblical counseling, teaching, recovery, and restoration

About Hebron Ministries

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