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Hebron Ministries

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The Biblical Counseling Center

The Lord has greatly used the Biblical Center for Counseling as a vital tool over the years, helping hundreds of people “recover themselves out of the snare of the devil” (2 Timothy 2:26) and achieve freedom in their daily lives, to then walk in truth, liberty, and confidence.  Many have come to know Christ for the first time through believing faith.  Others who have been believers for decades have overcome deep strongholds in their lives and found release from the lies of the enemy that have kept them bound.


What is Hebron?

Hebron represents hope.  It represents faith in God and His promises.  It is where giants are conquered.  It is holiness to the Lord, a leaving of the old and an embracing of a new beginning in faith.  At Hebron, there is refuge.  Truth is revealed, sacrifices are made, healing comes in patient waiting on God and the promise of His Word.  At Hebron, Hope has a name, and those who believe in Hope find what they’ve been searching for from the very beginning…


The Point of Restoration

The Point of Restoration offers temporary housing, spiritual counseling/support, various material assistances, brotherly kindness, and a body of compassionate believers who have come to embrace the fellowship of those suffering.  The large and growing number of testimonies of those whose own selves, marriages, children, families, and ministries have been mended and restored over the years bear witness to the incredible impact which the Point of Restoration has made.

About Hebron Ministries

The Hebron Ministries have their home in Fort Dodge, Iowa, through the work of Harvest Baptist Church. In 1993, Pastor Marvin Smith III moved to Fort Dodge to become the pastor of HBC. Within a short time, he began to develop a counseling ministry of hope, repentance, recovery, and restoration, utilizing Biblical principles of Spiritual authority, identity, and warfare. Over the years, countless individuals, young and old, couples, and entire families have found refuge, relief, and restoration through the compassionate, patient counseling and service of Pastor Smith and his staff.

Today, Hebron Ministries encompasses a growing number of programs focused on Biblical counseling, teaching, recovery, and restoration

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